Tuesday, March 20, 2012


1.    Project overview
Clean up Kili ‘12 seeks financial support for the preparation of climbing Kilimanjaro and  environmental conservation advocacy. The project will be conducted under the organization of the chief organizers for the project Mr. Samuel Kusamba ,Mr. Jordan Romero (The youngest American boy to climb Mt. Everest and the fourth highest mountain in the world, Mt.Kilimanjaro in 2006 and Mr. Ernest Magesa.

2.1 Estimated amount

The project is estimated to cost USD 150,000

2.2 Estimated duration

The intended programs are expected to take duration of 6 days.

2.    Administrative information

3.1 Project leader(s)

The project for promoting Mt.Kilimanjaro climbing tourism and environmental conservation will be done under the project leadership of Mr.Samuel Kusamba Founder  ,Mr.Jordan Romero – International facilitator  and Mr. Ernest Magesa Campaign Manager . The latter persons will have the main responsibility for the technical and administrative coordination of the project. The following are their contact details:

Mr. Samuel Kusamba
Clean up Kili ‘12
P.O. Box 14697
Cell : + (255)754 818390
Tel:  + (255) 784  818391

Mr. Ernest Magesa
Clean up Kili ‘12
P.O. Box 14697
Cell : + (255) 655334345
Tel:  + (255) 789 334345

Jordan Romero
Clean up Kili’12

California, USA
Mobile: +19097540712
website: www.jordanromero.com

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