Tuesday, March 20, 2012



The project aims at achieving the following general objectives:

*  Promotion of Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing

*  Promote awareness on environmental conservation

*  To uproot non indigenous vegetations and maintain the theme “Trash in ,Trash out “

In addition, the project intends to meet operational objectives which include educating people on:

*  The need to clean their shoes before climbing as without that they can bring seeds of some poisonous plants from other Mountains eg. A person finishes trekking Mt.McKinley comes to trek Mt.Kilimanjaro, if their shoes are not cleaned there is a possibility of disposing seeds of such vegetations.

*  The hand warmers and toe warmers are disposed carelessly hence lead to environment pollution

*  The importance of preserving positive Tanzanian cultural values by regular visitation to the national parks and other historical sites in the country.

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