Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This project  seeks support to subsidize the success of the actual preparation and execution of a program for promoting environmental awareness in Tanzania and advocate the need to conserve the environment amongst the societies living surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro. The campaign which is expected to take 6 days targets people who have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and those who are intending to climb both locals and foreigners..

The campaign will help  people understand the need to take care of the environment so as to combat and alleviate the impact of global warming which is slowly leaving a negative mark on all living things. Moreover, during the campaign, there will be rich educational components that will teach people on dangers and preventive measures of social issues affecting the environment.

Later on, data will be gathered and analyzed whether objectives were met or not. The findings will be documented and forwarded to the ministry of Wildlife as a proactive course of action in environmental conservation among Tanzanians. Furthermore, the media will be used as an essential component in making awareness to all Tanzanians to promote Mt.Kilimanjaro climbing and conserve the environment.

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